Cx4073 : Data Science for Business

Technical Elective offered at the Third/Fourth Year level (in the Second Semester of the Academic Year) for students in the undergraduate program at the School of Computer Science and Engineering, NTU.

I completely re-designed the course in 2018, and taught the course for 3 years. I also served as the Course Coordinator.

Course Information

"Data is the new Oil" in the modern era of Information.

It is of paramount importance in each and every sector of Business to collect, maintain, visualize, explore, analyze, and model data, in every form and shape, to garner crucial inferential information about the scope and target audience, performance and potential optimizations, predictions and forecasting, as well as practical data-driven business decisions. This course aims to introduce the students, hands-on, to the core techniques of data manipulation, visualization, statistical modelling, inference, and digital data presentation, which constitute the business analytics toolbox for any practicing Data Scientist in the industry in order to make fundamental data-driven decisions in diverse Business scenarios.

Course Material

Course resources are available on NTU Learn (Blackboard).

Data Science Cartoon