Cx4153 : Blockchain Technology

Technical Elective offered at the Third/Fourth Year level (in the First Semester of the Academic Year) for students in the undergraduate program at the School of Computer Science and Engineering, NTU.

I designed the course in 2020, with Prof Wen Yonggang. I teach the core Bitcoin and Ethereum lectures of the course, with Prof Wen covering introduction to Distributed Systems, and Alex Xiong taking care of the security, privacy and scalability issues in blockchain. I also serve as the Course Coordinator.

Course Information

This elective course in Computer Science and Engineering aims to introduce the students to the core technical framework of Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrencies, encompassing distributed systems, consensus protocols, incentive mechanisms and decentralized applications. The students will also learn the major anonymity, security, privacy, scalability and interoperability issues in modern Blockchain, in addition to the relevant enterprise platforms, solutions, applications and regulatory aspects of the technology.

Course Material

Course resources are available on NTU Learn (Blackboard).

Blockchain Cartoon

Blockchain Technology has taken the world by storm with its proliferation in an astoundingly diverse array of applications. Cryptocurrencies and a plethora of business use-cases paved the way for inclusive decentralization through innovative incentives and smart contracts. In its modern incarnation, Blockchain offers the promise of immutability, consistency, attribution, authenticity and automation of record-keeping as well as computations within an inherently decentralized operating environment.

Course Projects : AY2020-2021 S1

The students were expected to design and develop decentralized applications on Ethereum. In addition, they were expected to write a term paper on one specific practical issue of blockchain -- security, privacy or scalability -- pertinent to the decentralized application they developed. It was a group project and the final outcome were fantastic, as follows.

Option 1 : Decentralized Exchanges
  • DevProject | TermPaper : 1259PrimeConjecture
  • DevProject | TermPaper : Adrian Goh Jun Wei
  • DevProject | TermPaper : metaDex
  • DevProject | TermPaper : Something Funky Is Nice
  • DevProject | TermPaper : Team 1
  • DevProject | TermPaper : The Exchangers
Option 2 : Dutch Auction
  • DevProject | TermPaper : ASDF
  • DevProject | TermPaper : Cypherpunk
  • DevProject | TermPaper : Justin and friends
  • DevProject | TermPaper : SLS
Option 3 : Decentralized Domain Registrar
  • DevProject | TermPaper : Bitalik Sakamoto
  • DevProject | TermPaper : Block the Builder
  • DevProject | TermPaper : bob
  • DevProject | TermPaper : Brawlchain
  • DevProject | TermPaper : ByteCoin
  • DevProject | TermPaper : Dadika
  • DevProject | TermPaper : JAJLA
  • DevProject | TermPaper : RECoin
Option 4 : Prediction Market
  • DevProject | TermPaper : DLN
  • DevProject | TermPaper : JGC
  • DevProject | TermPaper : PredMark
  • DevProject | TermPaper : WSC