CZ1016 : Introduction to Data Science

Offered at the First Year Second Semester level for the students in the Data Science and Artifical Intelligence (DSAI) undergraduate program at the School of Computer Science and Engineering, NTU.

I designed the course in 2018, and I teach the entire course. I also serve as the Coordinator for the course offered at SCSE.

Course Information

In today's era of Information, 'Data' is the new driving force, provided we know how to extract relevant 'Intelligence'.

This course will start with the core principles of Data Science, and will equip the students with the basic tools and techniques of data handling, exploratory data analysis, data visualization, data-based inference, and data-focussed communication. The course will also introduce the students to the fundamentals of Machine Learning – prediction, classification, clustering, anomalies – to set the computational framework for Data Science. The goal is to motivate the students to work closely with data and make data-driven decisions in practice. The course will also touch upon ethical issues in Data Science and motivate you to explore the cutting-edge applications related to Big Data, Neural Networks and Deep Learning. Python will be the language of choice to introduce hands-on computational techniques.

Course Material

Course resources are available on NTU Learn (Blackboard).

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